WELCOME TO ABOUND UNDERGROUND NETWORK This app was started as a place especially for the most discerning Alphas, Betas, and Omegas to find a partner, or even a potential mate! There are so many apps specifically designed for Betas to find one another, and even a few for Alphas and Omegas to hook up, but ABOUND is focused on helping all of our members find the right date or mate.

We accept and even encourage same-designation bonding! Your designation doesn't have to control your life, and it certainly doesn't have to control who you love.

All of the basic features of the app are free, and always will be

If you would like to make your experience richer or more individualized, there are always additional options that can be purchased. See our in-app purchase list here for the complete run down of everything available! Again, none of the add-ons is necessary to use the app, they are simply to make your time using the app as fulfilling as you choose for it to be!

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ALPHA Though Alphas make up only 30% of the population by number, the highest offices are—even in today's society—usually filled by Alphas. For instance, 41 of the 45 Presidents of the United States have been Alphas (only three were Betas, and one was a "known secret" Omega), and the top 500 most successful and profitable businesses in the world have an overwhelming 92% Alpha presence as Director, CEO, or owner.

Traditionally, Alphas are the dominant side of the spectrum. They are generally considered to have two extremes:either an Alpha can be possessive, jealous, and aggressive or they can be protective, carnal, and strong. Anyone who's spent any time with an Alpha will tell you that the vast majority of them fall somewhere between those two sides to the coin. Even the most docile Alpha can be overwhelmed by a new bond and become possessive. Alphas dealing with a pregnant Mate can become aggressive if they feel something is threatening their Mate and pup.

There are words you may hear said about Alphas that are slightly confusing. "Knothead", for instance, is a term you will hear frequently. This is slang for a rude Alpha who treats those around them with a lack of care, or who are constantly rude. You'll often hear people talking about non-Alphas as "dickhead" instead, and the two terms are fairly equal. A knothead can also be an overly aggressive Alpha, or even an abusive Alpha, so please use care when the word is invoked, as it can cause varied reactions within the community we're fostering.

In general, an Alpha will go into rut when faced with the extreme pheromones of their Mate in heat, though some have been known to go into spontaneous rut due to the discovery of one's "perfect match". Rut is defined as an intense urge to mate and reproduce. That means that though there are some Alphas who go feral/wild, a modern Alpha will have control over themselves and their urges. Do not salivate over every Omega you meet. It is unbecoming not only of your designation, but also your place in society's structure.

Alphas should be aware that there is no such thing as "fuck or die", and anyone using the term to manipulate potential partners should be reported immediately.
BETA Betas are by far the largest group of the population, at fully 50%. Male Betas can impregnate both female Betas, and female Omegas (during their heat). Female Betas have a cycle that averages 28 days, and instead of heat their hormone fluctuations bring on menstruation. Fertility for a Beta female tends to be highest approximately 2 weeks before menstruation.

Beta scents tend to be less noticable, and science tells us this is so that the general population doesn't get overwhelmed by the co-mingling scents in general society, and to be sure that Alphas and Omegas have the ability to continue on their lines. Female Betas do tend to have slightly more intense scents at the peak of their fertility, but even that level is akin to the scent of suppressed Alphas or Omegas on the "mini-pill".

Though there is an overwhelming number of people who believe that Betas cannot find a "perfect match", the number of highly successful and loving Beta matches tells us that that belief is incorrect. Though the intensity of their match might be slightly less (though the science hasn't been fully done on that!), it is obvious that there is the ability to find the right lifelong partner.

Betas should be aware that there is no such thing as "fuck or die", and that anyone using the term to manipulate potential partners should be reported immediately.
OMEGA Omegas are often looked at as the caregivers and homemakers on the spectrum of designation. Modern Omegas don't always follow those classifications, and there are any number of Omega business people, managers, and (in one fairly well-known 'hidden' case) even a President of the U.S.! There are, a few things that most Omegas do, such as nesting, scenting a Mate to calm themselves, and going into heat (though that can be controlled through use of suppressants).

Extensive studies have been done and science has found that the only time Omegas are fertile is during their heats. This appears to be why the urge to mate happens so intensely. Even with the intensity of need, some (if not most) modern Omegas have fought valiantly to not be called 'a slave to their designation' and will generally do everything in their power to be able to control themselves for as long as possible, though the fever and increased slick production does make it easier to simply ride out the heat in the way the Omega's body is insisting upon.

Though male Omegas have been shown by science to be the least common designation of all, they still make up nearly 7% of the population, and ABOUND supports male Omegas in their quest to find the right date or Mate. Verified male Omegas will be given exclusive access to a special member-run group which is a safe space to discuss any of the myriad issues facing male Omegas today.

Omega heats generally occur once per month, though the cycles can be different due to hormones or age. Some Omegas have found themselves going into spontaneous heat due to the discovery of their "perfect match". Even in heat, Omegas have the choice in who to share their time with. If you find yourself in need of an emergency partner to spend a heat with (or even just someone to talk to through it), please check out our Alpha Services tag for the (very few) services we have found to be safe and worth the cost.

Omegas should be aware that there is no such thing as "fuck or die", and anyone using the term to manipulate potential partners should be reported immediately
∴ RESPECT is rule one. Consent is sexy, and anyone who can't play nice will be removed from the app and not welcomed back. Making new accounts to work around a removal will be dealt with by our legal department. They are very grumpy. Do not make them file suits against you.

You must be over 18 to use ABOUND. Inasmuch as we realize people lie about their ages, we ask that you do try to keep it within five years of your actual age. If your face looks forty, don't say you're twenty.

∴ We at ABOUND are aware that Betas are by far the most common designation. That makes dating apps overrun by Betas. That's not the case with ABOUND. We respect the need that Alphas and Omegas have for each other, and we strive to connect them without limiting Beta interactions. We are same Designation supportive, as well! Alphas seeking Alphas and Omegas seeking Omegas are always welcome!

∴ You must have at least one date per month to remain on the app. Remember that the safest dates are in public! If you need to have a date in private, please designate a friend or support to be nearby just in case.

∴ The more people you talk to on the app, the more likely you are to find your perfect date, or your ideal Mate! We encourage you to start conversations at least twice a month, either in your blog on the app, or on the app's message boards. And don't forget to respond. Starting a conversation without responding to your audience makes it hard to get to know you!

∴ Your profile is a huge part of people getting to know you. We have three options for you to write your profile for the app. They are LIST FORM where you write ten (10) or more detailed facts about you, FULL BIO which requires three or more paragraphs about your life covering your history, or THE SURVEY where you answer our prepared questions.
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